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Vote Matt Dubiel for Mayor: Feb. 24th

Meet Your Candidate: Matt 4 Mayor

Matt lives in Naperville with his wife Michelle, and their four children, Anthony (12), Natalie (10), Rocco (7), and Stella (2). For the past 20 years, Dubiel has worked for the areas leading suburban media outlets and has been an advocate for suburban families and local suburban businesses. Frustrated by the lack of attention his bosses were giving the suburbs, Dubiel decided to purchase his own radio station (WCKG) and make it truly focused on the listeners, communities, and businesses in the suburbs.

As Mayor, Matt will be full time, even though
the position and pay is part-time.
Matt has a young family of 6!
Matt's family represents Naperville families!
As Mayor, Matt will listen.
Listening is extremely important.
As Mayor, Matt has a platform!
Matt will leverage WCKG for Naperville.
Matt Dubiel has managed millions,
and negotiated with the best!
Donate, to keep Naperville Great!
  • Dubiel dropped from ballot by Naperville election officials. “I entered the race for Mayor of Naperville in good faith with the notion that I had unique talents and ideas to contribute for the betterment of our community.”